The Jio Bharat V2 phone is being offered by Reliance industries for a reasonable price of 999 rupees. This mobile tehnology was created with new Jio plans and special features to revolutionize India for individuals who are still using 2G and 3G devices. This would quicken the speed of change in the nation. From a 2G to a 4G network, Reliance industries has positioned the Jio Bharat V2 phone as a key component in their goal of creating a “2G-free India.” In order to make internet-enabled phones more widely available, this device combines cutting-edge network capabilities with feature-rich functionality.

More about Jio Bharat V2

New 4G Plan: A 28-day, 123-rupee plan that includes 14GB of data (0.5GB each day) and the Jio Bharat phone is also available. This data providing is seven times more than any rival, the corporation claims. Users also have the option of purchasing an annual subscription for 1,234 rupees, which includes 168GB of data (0.5GB each day).

According to Akash Ambani, chairman of Reliance Jio, This new 4G Mobile launched approach to create 2G free Bharat and to prepare the world for 5G era. As per data still more than 200 Million user stucked in 2G.Reliance is ensuring that every Indian must be benefitted from internet and technology.

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